About StoKiHoCo

The Storm King Holding Company, or StoKiHoCo, is a Northern Virginia based private equity incubator focused on developing and growing medium-risk startups, and in the acquisition and reengineering of established, but distressed, companies. The focus of StoKiHoCo’s investments and support is on building companies committed to technology innovation, sustainable processes and solutions, and management effectiveness and efficiency.

What does StoKiHoCo provide its companies?

StoKiHoCo provides investment capital, strategic, administrative and managerial operating support, and other resources required until a business venture is capable of independent, ongoing growth utilizing internal resources. Early-stage operating support is provided on a fee-for-equity model, or fee-for-cash+equity model, based on an agreed-upon baseline corporate valuation and level of effort expended by the current business team. The earned equity are shares owned by StoKiHoCo not by an independent professional services provider whose support has been given to the portfolio company.

The Keiretsu Model

StoKiHoCo follows the Japanese “Keiretsu” model where relationships between vested companies are formed and nurtured; helping them to explore synergistic opportunities, facilitate strategic alliances and build business partnerships.

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