Connected CadenceConnected Cadence (C2) is a new fitness product soon to revolutionize the concept of group cycling. Connected Cadence takes its teeth from the cogs of fixed gear bikes ridden by bicycle messengers (and, now, hipsters), indoor cycling trainers used by hardcore indoor cycling fanatics, and the road rigs ridden by hard-to-the-core European professional road racers. C2 takes cycle-based fitness to a new level of capability, skill and performance and has programs available for fitness fans with an extreme competitive drive, recreational cyclists who are ready to reach a new level through organized racing, and cycling clubs and teams of every level that are in search of an innovative bicycle-base team (and skill) building platform.
Industrial Athlete UniversityIndustrial Athlete University, or IAU, is a provider of innovative and online-based training programs for the hard worker in the food distribution industry. After decades of experience working in the distribution, manufacturing and warehouse industries, our team realized that there is a need for a different, more engaging and specific type of training for people who perform hardened jobs in a tough distribution environment — especially in a unique environment around food and food products.  Just like professional athletes on a playing field these jobs require a unique combination of mental toughness, physical fitness, skill development, tactics, and an attention to detail to stay safe.

PERFEX logoPerformance Exceleration Systems, or PERFEX Systems, is a one-stop supplier of cutting-edge and legal sport performance enhancing products and services ranging from supplements to innovative turnkey physical training programs. PERFEX Systems was started in 1995 as a company that delivered training concepts and principles that had previously only been available to Eastern-bloc nation athletes. PERFEX Systems now caters to high performance athletes and hard-charging performers and entertainers to provide them the edge they need to stay on top of their game. All PERFEX Systems products and services undergo rigorous testing to ensure legal, regulatory and sport governing body compliance.


Voluminant provides management and operational business improvement services in both the federal sector and commercial industry.  The company has worked with some of the largest commercial companies in North America, providing services ranging from business needs assessments and process improvement to logistics cost reduction and environmental safety enhancement. Voluminant is currently listed on two GSA Schedule contracts for video and multimedia production (AIMS – Advertising and Integrated Marketing Support) and for training design and delivery services (MOBIS – Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services).  Growth areas for Voluminant include government efficiency improvement, outsourced project management services, and energy reduction for domestic logistics carriers.